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Noun1.Baisakh - the second month of the Hindu calendar
Hindu calendar - the lunisolar calendar governing the religious life of Hindus; an extra month is inserted after every month in which there are two new moons (once every three years)
Hindu calendar month - any lunisolar month in the Hindu calendar
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Anjali Mohan, Namitha Jagadeesh, Jishara Rajan, Vaisakh Mukundanunni, Princy Elsa Philip, Mohammed Sabeel K.
The Annual NYC Sikh Parade Manhattan is a Vaisakhi Day celebration and takes place in the month of April corresponding to the Nanakshahi Calendar month of Vaisakh.
In the quarter-final, they defeated Aditya Gokhale and Vaisakh Vineethan 21-12, 21-8 and 21-12, 21-13 respectively.
Former world champion Kash 'The Flash' Gill has been invited to Downing Street on Wednesday to attend a celebration of Sikh festival Vaisakh, hosted by David Cameron.