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A river, about 105 km (65 mi) long, of northwest Italy flowing northward to the Po River. Hannibal defeated the Romans on the banks of the river in 218 bc.


(ˈtrɛb i ə)

a river in N Italy, flowing N into the Po at Piacenza: Romans defeated by Hannibal near here 218 B.C. 70 mi. (113 km) long.
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9 Via Emilia from km 222 + 520 to km 255 + 568, 725, Tangential Piacenza from km 0 + 000 to km 7 + 210, 45 ~Di Val Trebbia from km 61 + 720 to km 135 + 750 Service lump sum related to all operations for Snow Removal and antifreeze treatment of viable plans for the winter season 2016/2017 - 2017/2018.
The critics who accused Vacanze in Val Trebbia of inconsistencies and of hovering between genres unwittingly spotted the turning point between a generally socio-political mode, and the psychoanalytical and oneiric one, which, having first appeared only in 1979, will thenceforward dominate.
Salto nel vuoto (1980) and Vacanze in Val Trebbia (1980), filmed in the same period, share certain characteristics with regard to the oneiric.