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A nucleoside analog, C13H20N6O4, that is a prodrug of acyclovir and is used in its hydrochloride form to treat herpes simplex and herpes zoster infections.



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On admission, he was febrile (39[degrees]C) despite chemoprophylaxis with trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, posaconazole, and valaciclovir.
En el caso de los biosensores se puede mencionar el aprovechamiento de las propiedades electrocataliticas de la combinacion de nanotubos con oxido de grafeno reducido como base para la medicion de glucosa, NADH y farmacos como acetaminofen y valaciclovir todos con excelentes resultados.
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Aciclovir, valaciclovir and valganciclovir inhibit the enzyme responsible for copying viral DNA in an infected cell.
A multicentre RCT compared valaciclovir (n= 323) to acyclovir (n= 320) as treatment for first HSV infection.
The firm also launched nine new products last year, including Valaciclovir and Imipenem + Cilastatin.
3 in the Hato et al study, which reported a significant benefit of adding valaciclovir (97 versus 90 percent).