Silicon Valley

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Sil·i·con Valley

 (sĭl′ĭ-kən, -kŏn′)
A region of western California southeast of San Francisco known for its high-technology design and manufacturing industries.

Silicon Valley

1. (Placename) an industrial strip in W California, extending S of San Francisco, in which the US information technology industry is concentrated
2. (Communications & Information) any area in which industries associated with information technology are concentrated
3. (Human Geography) any area in which industries associated with information technology are concentrated

Sil′icon Val′ley

an area in N California, in the Santa Clara valley region, where many high-technology companies are located.
[1970–75; so called from the silicon wafers employed in semiconductor devices]
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Noun1.Silicon Valley - a region in California to the south of San Francisco that is noted for its concentration of high-technology industries
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes

Silicon Valley

nSilicon Valley nt
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PALO ALTO is a rustic California county, once commonly known as the Valley of Heart's Delight for its apricots and apples, was transformed by a pipe dream of single visionary Leland Stanford into the birth-place of cutting edge technologies.
People used to come to this area, known in the first half of this century as the Valley of Heart's Delight, not to see Research and Development facilities but to visit the orchards and go on "blossom tours.
Growing up in a California enclave called the Valley of Heart's Delight (better known today as Silicon Valley), Beers' family bought into a wider, and more absurd, variation of Fulwood's hope: a "blue-sky tribe" of homogenized suburbanites.