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(əˈnɑ wɑk)

the central plateau of Mexico, between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental ranges (3700 to 9000 ft.; 1128 to 2743 m): center of Aztec civilization.
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His definition of the boundaries of "Indo-Mexico" is unclear; at times, he seems to refer exclusively to the valley of Mexico and the Mexica (Aztecs).
He is the creator of the app Limits: On Foot Along the Edge of the Megalopolis of the Valley of Mexico.
Water scarcity has been a special problem in the Valley of Mexico, which includes Mexico City and surrounding areas.
To date, the wastewater and rainwater from the Valley of Mexico was sent to Hidalgo State in the Valley of Mezquital, where it was used (untreated) for irrigating more than 90,000 hectares of cropland.
1 million cars in the Valley of Mexico, including nearly 450,000 in the capital, were ordered off the streets under the restrictions.
Even more telling, in mid October, smallpox brought by Narvaez swept through the Valley of Mexico, killing approximately 40 per cent of the population there and throughout central Mexico within a year.
Caterina Pizzigoni's recent book, The Life Within, covers an area of central Mexico, the Toluca Valley, which has not been as studied as the Valley of Mexico or Nahuatl-speaking regions to the east and south.
The airline, which has seen little cargo growth throughout 2013, launched its first-ever destination in Latin America with a Hong Kong freighter service to Guadalajara, the Silicon Valley of Mexico.
The Presidente InterContinental Santa Fe offers panoramic views of the Santa Fe area, the Valley of Mexico and the Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes.
The plant is set to treat 60 percent of residual water from the Valley of Mexico, which includes the capital.
Individuals have been recorded previously in the Valley of Mexico (Cabrera G.
The use of local materials shows it was made in or near Ojo de Agua, Hodgson said, but style similarities to pieces found in larger Olmec centers near the Gulf of Mexico and the Valley of Mexico indicate pan-regional influences as well.