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 (väl-mē′kē) fl. c. 300 bc.
Indian epic poet, traditionally considered the author of the Ramayana.
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The protesters also did not even allow to run the inaugural Kashi Express and turned down the requests made by the representatives of the Valmiki community.
The Central Valmiki Sabha International group has criticised Tagore's Dance Drama: Valmiki Pratibha, which depicts the group's guru, Bhagwan Valmiki GI, as a robber and killer.
A major protest is planned at the Mac arts centre in Cannon Hill Park ahead of the performance of Tagore's Dance Drama: Valmiki Pratibha.
Last week, a Mumbai journalist traced Sohanlal Valmiki, the man who assaulted Shanbaug, to a village in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh.
Valmiki Tiger Reserve Camping in the forest by a shimmering river What: The Valmiki Tiger Reserve is far from diminutive in its expanse and sighting opportunities.
The Commission members -- Mufti Zulfiqar Ali, Shafi Azmi, Suhail Ayyub Jinjari and Nafeesul Hasan -- also praised the role played by the Valmiki community and prominent religious leaders of the Hindu community in Agra.
Valmiki Nagar (Bihar), May 7 ( ANI ): Continuing his attack on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra over her 'neech' politics remark, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said the Congress Party is indulging in 'neech' politics by looting through several scams and not distributing food grain stocks to the poor.
The two minors who were admitted to Maharishi Valmiki Hospital succumbed to the burn injuries.
The injured people have been rushed to Maharshi Valmiki Hospital.
They look almost primitive and remind me of the ancient Indian sage, Valmiki, who, in a state of deep meditation, gets covered over time by anthills.
To compile the report, researchers contacted British Asian communities across the country, including Coventry's Maharshi Valmiki Sabha, Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha, Shri Guru Ravidass Temple in Foleshill Road and Coventry's Asian Christian Association, as well as caste expert Gurnam Singh of Coventry University.
At least 35 families of the Valmiki community in Mirchpur village fled after an arson attack on April 21 in which over 20 houses were damaged and a 70-year-old Dalit man Tarachand and his 18-year-old physically-challenged daughter, Suman, a Class XII student, were burnt to death.