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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of small spiral fresh-water gastropods having an operculum.
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Within the fossiliferous lithologies of the Taslica Formation in the area under study, fossils of Valvata piscinalis (O.
Ling, "Hepatoprotective activity of the total saponins from Actinidia valvata dunn root against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in mice," Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol.
As given by de Saporta (1862): Corolla gamopetala, pentamera, rotata, cestivatione valvata, caduca.
Seven species of exotic molluscs were examined for the presence of parasites and commensals during this study, including zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha), quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis), faucet snail (Bithynia tentaculata), European stream valvata (Valvata piscinalis), Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea), Chinese mystery snail (Cipangopaludina chinensis), and New Zealand mud snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum).
3 Stagnicola palustris 3 Tenellia adspersa 3 Terebellides stroemi 3 Theodoxus fluviatilis 2 Trichoptera 3 Valvata macrostoma 2 Valvata piscinalis 3 Viviparus viviparus 2 Table 3.
Intermountain freshwater mollusks, USA (Margaritifera, Anodonta, Gonidea, Valvata, Ferrissia): geography, conservation, and fish management implications.
Temperature responses of the cactus dodger, Cacama valvata (Homoptera, Cicadidae).
2000) as the bivalves Pisidium amnicum (Muller, 1774) and the snails Valvata profunda (Clessin, 1887) and Valvata depressa (Pfeiffer, 1828).
Molluscs Physa sayii X Lymnaea humilis X X X Lymnaea haldemani X X Helisoma anceps X X Helisoma campanulata X X Gyraulus parvus X X X Pleurocera acuta Amnicola limosa X X Amnicola lustrica X X X Valvata tricarinata X X X Valvata sincera X X Gastrocopta sp.