Valve seat

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(Mach.) The fixed surface on which a valve rests or against which it presses.
A part or piece on which such a surface is formed.

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There is now a valve seat assembly that snaps into place.
The patented diaphragm automatically positions itself against the valve seat in an identical location each and every time.
Winsert supplied two years of defect-free valve seat inserts to Ford's largest diesel engine manufacturing facility, Lima Engine Plant, Lima, Ohio.
The Series G knife gate valve is said to incorporate a robust design and special feaures for drop-tight sealing, including a precision-buffed gate and two bosses welded to the valve seat, according to the manufacturer.
AA fuel expert John Stubbs says: "Engines with the valve seats cut directly into a cast-iron head or cylinder block may suffer valve seat erosion if subjected to prolonged hard or high speed use.
Featuring a particle-tolerant soft valve seat seal design, these valves are particularly suitable for control of waste fluid lines on automated chemistry equipment such as analytical, clinical and biotechnology analyzers.
There are the conventional and the contoured valve seat types with parabolic and quick-opening plugs whose internals can only be inspected during servicing.
The application was accurately perceived as 'difficult and challenging' because of the high reflectivity of the machined surfaces and the relatively small surface of the valve seat.
Patent Office approved W210 for use in valve seat inserts, the valve-train component that Winsert specializes in producing.
For the 1998 model year, the Waupun facility, which is the largest manufacturer of valve seat inserts and valve guides in North America, achieved scores of 100, 99 and 100 for quality, delivery and warranty, respectively.
The ADVANTAGE is a clinician-placed, one-way silicone valve with silver oxide, a titanium ring, and a thermoplastic valve seat.