Valve seat

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(Mach.) The fixed surface on which a valve rests or against which it presses.
A part or piece on which such a surface is formed.

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Creating a valve that could be powered solely from the energy it received from the inductive receiver required both a custom-designed solenoid and extreme miniaturization of the valve seat.
These older CR-V's tend to suffer from valve seat recession.
Available in a choice of wetted materials suitable for use with aggressive media being transferred at temperatures ranging from 5-50[degrees]C, WTA-2 Inert Isolation Valves are solenoid operated, feature PTFE isolation diaphragms, and a unique Perfluor or Viton soft seal valve seat design.
I noticed En the M40/M42 mask's TM 3-4240-346-23&P (Aug 10), the nosecup valve disk and the nosecup valve seat assembly are reversed in both Fig 2 and Fig M of WP 0031.
The new Rotork Fairchild range features patent pending improved valve seat sealing that eliminates the risk of media leakage often associated with conventional high pressure regulators.
These factors can play havoc on the valvetrain, the valve seat inserts, in particular.
If you've tried replacing the flapper but the toilet still runs, the flush valve seat is probably rough or pitted.
When the inner spindle is in position, the outer spindle retracts, lifting the membrane seal away from the outer valve seat.
lt;p>The company is a world leader in valve seat cutting machines for new or used cylinder heads.
For greater efficiency, the valve is engineered with contoured valve seats, operating with specially-shaped poppet heads to provide maximum flow through the valve seat and guard.
2 stable positions-in the spring rest position, a spring pushes the plunger with the sealing element against the valve seat.