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Noun1.Van de Graaff - United States physicist (1901-1967)
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Van De Graaff notes that this whole area will continue to grow as consumers assume more responsibility in setting up their own appointments.
Only 45 per cent of the products recycled belong to the 11 participating brands', said van de Graaff.
In his study, van de Graaff measured the upper airway resistance (UAR) in tracheotomized dogs under two test conditions: 1) in the presence of and 2) in the absence of upper airway muscle activity.
Council transport manager Emilie van de Graaff said residents would not need to wait more than 10 minutes to catch a second bus and they would not have to buy another ticket.
Not only was the ``gift'' a hit, the pair ended up expanding it, with Van de Graaff producing ``Chaperone'' for a sold-out engagement at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 1999.
A full-scale prototype detector has been built and successfully tested using a 1 MeV electron beam at the NIST Van de Graaff accelerator (see Refs.
The singer has childhood memories of going into her dad's lab and being shown experiments with liquid nitrogen and Van de Graaff generators.
Where Jobim's Wave (the national anthem of Hotel-land) plays non-stop in lifts crammed with grey plastic-suited Van de Graaff generators (aka "business conference-goers"), who talk in Prime Ministerial tones about the way forward distribution-wise of Cheesy Twirls.
It is in the pallid zone that cyclic salts have accumulated over thousands of years, now forming a salt store of the order of 500 t/ha (Brouwer and Van de Graaff 1988).
Geared toward serious hobbyists and those who want to garner a deep understanding of how high-voltage electrostatics work, this guide details how to build your own Wimhurst generator or modify a Van de Graaff generator in order to perform electrifying experiments.
The girl has her hands on a Van de Graaff generator, a machine that gives off electrons (negatively charged particles).
The New River has been an environmental disgrace for over 50 years," stated Wayne Van De Graaff, the Chairman of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors.