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 (văn′dər-bĭlt′), Cornelius Known as "Commodore Vanderbilt." 1794-1877.
American transportation magnate and financier who amassed a great fortune in shipping and the development of railroads. His descendants, noted for their lavish lifestyles and for their philanthropy, were among the most socially prominent members of the 19th-century American upper class.


(Biography) Cornelius, known as Commodore Vanderbilt. 1794–1877, US steamship and railway magnate and philanthropist


(ˈvæn dər bɪlt)

Cornelius, 1794–1877, U.S. financier.
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Noun1.Vanderbilt - United States financier who accumulated great wealth from railroad and shipping businesses (1794-1877)Vanderbilt - United States financier who accumulated great wealth from railroad and shipping businesses (1794-1877)
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2 June 2015 - US-based security solutions company Vanderbilt Industries has completed the acquisition of the Security Products business from German engineering company Siemens, Vanderbilt said.
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As per the recent declaration, under the joint concern, those members can access both inpatient and outpatient pediatric acute care services at Vanderbilt's children's hospital but at no other Vanderbilt medical center.
Vanderbilt Company opened its doors for business on 42nd Street in NewYork City in 1916 with Robert Thurlow Vanderbilt selling kaolin clay to the paper .
com)-- As part of its re-branding and corporate responsibility initiative, Vanderbilt Financial Group is going green.
Vanderbilt University is a private research university of about 6,500 undergraduates and 5,300 graduate and professional students.
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