Variable stars

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The 2010 observations cover a total of 532 objects comprising variable stars, novae and active galaxies.
The research community has made it clear to us that visual data for many variable stars still have scientific value, and that visual observing should continue.
Enquiries have been fielded from several members during the year about how they can embark on CCD photometry of variable stars.
Many variable stars, including Epsilon Aurigae, are too bright for regular telescopes but are perfect for affordable DSLR cameras.
The study of variable stars lagged some distance behind solar system, positional (double star) and deep sky research until the middle part of the 19th century.
Amateur-professional collaborations on things such as variable stars have become so routine that there's no longer a need for a committee.
He is also one of those rare observers who manages to get up early in the morning to catch many variable stars as they emerge from conjunction with the Sun.
Novae are Binaries "A striking hypothesis as to the origin of the U Geminorum variable stars was given at a session of IAU Commission 27 (Variable Stars) by Robert P.
During his first year of recorded observations, Moraes Pereira drew pictures of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, observed double stars and the February 6 Venus and Jupiter conjunction, and started observing variable stars.
The increasing effectiveness of amateur observers can be seen in the fact that during the last four years the BAA Journal has published nineteen refereed papers on the observation and analysis of variable stars, most of these on cataclysmic variables.
STEREO's ability to sample continuously for up to 20 days, coupled with repeat viewings from the twin spacecraft during the year, makes it an invaluable resource for researching variable stars," says team member Karl Wraight (Open University, U.

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