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 (və-răk′tər, vă-)
A semiconductor device in which the capacitance is sensitive to the applied voltage at the boundary of the semiconductor material and an insulator.

[var(iable) + (re)act(ance) + -or.]


(Electronics) a semiconductor diode that acts as a voltage-dependent capacitor, being operated with a reverse bias. Compare varistor
[C20: probably a blend of variable reactor]
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But acquisitions in the field of the cell phone module industry (such as EPCOS acquisition of NXP MEMS varicap activity) raise commercialization expectations in the next 2 years.
com/research/2ab6c8/mems_switch_and_va) has announced the addition of the "MEMS Switch and Varicap Market" report to their offering.
BOSTON -- In a recent evaluation of RF MEMs technology, the Strategic Technologies Practice at Strategy Analytics has recognized WiSpry's MEMs varicap (variable capacitor) as a practical device that could reduce handset bills of material.
Additional process modules allow X-FAB customers to implement depletion NMOS, natural PMOS, varicap diodes with increased CV-behavior, photodiodes with improved uniformity and n-channel JFET.
In addition, the chip cuts the external component count, and therefore cost, by eschewing IF (Intermediate Frequency) filters, ceramic capacitors, and varicaps.
While MEMS accelerometers are expected to follow the same evolution, few other MEMS products (micro autofocus, micro zoom, gyroscopes, varicaps, O) are at the emerging stage.