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Noun1.varsity letter - an award earned by participation in a school sportvarsity letter - an award earned by participation in a school sport; "he won letters in three sports"
accolade, honor, laurels, honour, award - a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction; "an award for bravery"
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He won three varsity letters and was a two-time captain for the Spartans.
Aaron Cook, a 1986 graduate, earned 11 varsity letters in soccer, football, basketball, baseball and track.
Memorabilia on display includes uniforms, trophies, and varsity letters from the 37 high schools that have operated within the county through the years.
Earning 12 varsity letters at Wachusett, a rare accomplishment, Charlonne has never known what it's like to be a junior varsity athlete, having been in varsity positions since her freshman year.
Pamela Bryant reached a deal in January for Goldin Auctions to sell hundreds of items of her son's old stuff, including practice gear and jerseys, varsity letters and awards from his days at Pennsylvania's Lower Merion High School, as well as items from his early days in the NBA, including a signed ball from an NBA All-Star game and championship rings the Lakers had made for Bryant's parents.
Services it cites include accessible buses; independent living for those requiring respiratory devices and/or personal care; rehabilitation fraternity; study abroad program for disabled students; and collegiate wheelchair basketball for men and women, with varsity letters awarded.
Jackie Robinson earned varsity letters in four sports at the University of California, Los Angeles, the first major college to feature several Black players in starting positions.
you earned 11 varsity letters in three sports: football, basketball, and baseball.
9 grade-point average, in addition to boasting five varsity letters and the recognition of being the school's Female Athlete of the Year.
com/davebarry) says he won 175 varsity letters in high school, graduated with highest honors from the College of Cardinals, invented penicillin, founded General Motors, and headed several labor unions.
During his time at CCNY, Halpern was awarded nine varsity letters - three each in football, waterpolo and lacrosse.
In our sophomore and junior years (1932-33), we earned our varsity letters on Michigan's national championship team.