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 (və-zär′ē, -sär′ē, vä-zä′rē), Giorgio 1511-1574.
Italian painter, architect, and art historian who wrote Lives of the Most Eminent Italian Architects, Painters, and Sculptors (1550), a history of Renaissance art.


(vəˈsɑːrɪ; Italian vaˈzaːri)
(Biography) Giorgio (ˈdʒordʒo). 1511–74, Italian architect, painter, and art historian, noted for his Lives of the Most Excellent Italian Architects, Painters, and Sculptors (1550; 1568), a principal source for the history of Italian Renaissance art


(vəˈzɑr i, -ˈsɑr i)

Giorgio, 1511–74, Italian painter, architect, and art historian.
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Noun1.Vasari - Italian painter and art historian (1511-1574)Vasari - Italian painter and art historian (1511-1574)
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With that being said, Vasari has already embraced Arabic typography, inspired by local pop culture.
Italian Renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari wrote Lives of the Artists in the 16th century, which was the first artistic biography and which became an important source of Italian Renaissance art history.
In sul flume e quasi in aria,' wrote Vasari of the Uffizi's foundations: 'in the river and almost in the air'.
As Vasari works to grow KWV, one of the worlds best brandy and wine brands, in South Africa, on the continent and other parts of the world, we anticipate long-term growth throughout the value chain, delivering significant future opportunities for farmers and staff along with all the local communities in which we operate, concludes Imerman.
2 million deal, Vasari Energy will manufacture and ship more than 12,000 of its Vasari Energy brand 305 watt solar PV modules to the site.
In Gahtans Introduction, Vasari is described as a 'writer, collective, procession and festival impresario, exhibitor and architect of the Medici court' (p.
What binds together the sixteen essays in Ashgate's recent companion to Vasari, and the principle guiding their selection, seems rather more opaque.
Writing of Italian artists, Vasari further tells us that the fifteenth-century Venetian painter Morto da Feltre, who specialized in painting grotteschi, was a "melancholic person.
But, in fact, Vasari and fellow art theorist Benvenuto Cellini wanted it both ways: they promulgated the romantic notion of raw genius, yet urged artists in practice to progress logically from sketch to intermediate study to full-scale model.
29 November 2013 - UK's Vasari Global, the investment firm of Whyte & Mackay Ltd's ex-CEO Vivian Imerman, will look at buying the UK whiskey maker if its current owner, alcoholic beverages maker Diageo Plc (LON:DGE), has to sell it, Vasari said today in an emailed statement that was cited by Reuters.
Por meio de tais de pressupostos, Dolce assevera nao ter havido razoes para a ausencia da biografia de Ticiano na primeira edicao das Vite, de Giorgio Vasari, de 1550.
The earliest account of Leonardo's life is included in Lives of the Artists, written by Giorgio Vasari.