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Noun1.Vatican II - the Vatican Council in 1962-1965 that abandoned the universal Latin liturgy and acknowledged ecumenism and made other reforms
Vatican Council - each of two councils of the Roman Catholic Church
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The latest in these works from Paulist, The Legacy of Vatican II, brings together the work of twelve outstanding scholars, and stems from conversations that took place at Boston College on September 26, 2013.
The same path is followed in presenting Vatican II: chapter three is focused on presenting the historical context of Vatican II and on analyzing its doctrine on the church and on papal primacy and on episcopal collegiality, while chapter four deals with Orthodox reactions to Vatican II.
From Vatican II to Pope Francis: Charting a Catholic Future provides a fine collection of essays especially recommended for Catholic readers interested in Vatican II and the modern evolution of the church.
Mark Francis also noted, "It is difficult to celebrate the Tridentine rite in a Vatican II space.
There are two major and opposing schools of theology following Vatican II.
Ten years after the French edition of this important diary on Vatican II by one of its most influential theologians appeared, the English edition has now been published, just in time for the fifty-year's jubilee of the Council This is a great achievement, since it makes this exceptional book available to a much wider audience.
La reception des mouvements preconciliaires a Vatican II (Bibliotheque de la Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique, fascicule 95), Louvain-la-Neuve; Leuven 2011, 382 pp.
It is worth tracing as the legacy of Vatican II is buffeted by it.
AFTER VATICAN II considers the lasting implications of Vatican II and gathers articles exploring its effects nearly fifty years later.
Eight Americans' eye-witness reports from Vatican II (Sept.
The author of this book has certainly achieved his goal of providing the first "brief, readable account" of Vatican II that narrates "the essential story line" from the announcement of the council by Pope John XXIII in 1959 until its final session in 1965 and places this story in historical context (1).
It is the assertion of all of the historians and theologians contributing to this volume that an emphasis on the "newness" of Vatican II amounts to a "distortion" of the council's contribution to the history of the Church--one that can only be sustained so long as Catholics focus on the "style" of the council and ignore the substance of the documents released.