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 (vônt, vŏnt)
v. vaunt·ed, vaunt·ing, vaunts
To speak or write about (something) in a strongly positive way; praise or boast about.
To speak boastfully; brag. See Synonyms at boast1.
1. A boastful remark.
2. Speech of extravagant self-praise.

[Middle English vaunten, from Old French vanter, from Late Latin vānitāre, to talk frivolously, frequentative of Latin vānāre, from vānus, empty; see euə- in Indo-European roots.]

vaunt′er n.
vaunt′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.vaunter - a very boastful and talkative personvaunter - a very boastful and talkative person
egoist, egotist, swellhead - a conceited and self-centered person


One given to boasting:
Informal: blowhard.
Slang: blower.
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Alas, you know 1 am no vaunter, I; My scars can witness, dumb although they are, That my report is just and lull of truth.
Once again, when they found that the ruling president will never budge or deviate from his main aim, they forced themselves to support him; and the braggarts, egoists and the vaunters are now crowing, bragging and boasting about the triumph of the 19th amendment - they now want to place their hand on the flagpole and say - " Aha