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 (tĭsh′ən) Originally Tiziano Vecellio. 1488?-1576.
Italian painter who introduced vigorous colors and the compositional use of backgrounds to the Venetian school. His works include the altarpiece The Assumption of the Virgin (1518).

Ti′tian·esque′ adj.


A brownish orange.

[After Titian (from his frequent use of the color in his paintings).]

ti′tian adj.


(Biography) original name Tiziano Vecellio. ?1490–1576, Italian painter of the Venetian school, noted for his religious and mythological works, such as Bacchus and Ariadne (1523), and his portraits
ˌTitianˈesque adj


(ˈtɪʃ ən)

1. (Tiziano Vecellio) c1477–1576, Italian painter.
2. (l.c.) a bright golden brown color.
3. (l.c.) bright golden brown: titian hair.
Ti`tian•esque′, adj.
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Noun1.Titian - old master of the Venetian school (1490-1576)Titian - old master of the Venetian school (1490-1576)


[ˈtɪʃɪən] NTiciano
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By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 27 August 2017: on August 27 in 1576, the Iconic Italian painter Tiziano Vecellio also known as Titian passed away.
As for Vecellio the English aesthete, just like his Italian admirer, he appreciates above all "that weaving of light, as of just perceptible gold threads, through the dress, the flesh, the atmosphere" (Pater, 1986: 154).
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Curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Marianna Vecellio with Irene Calderoni
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Contrariamente ai ritratti del Vecellio, che Berenson reputa prevalentemente cerimoniali, quelli lotteschi sono "psychological snapshots", visto che il nostro "could portray individuals, not mere types: individuals with personal preoccupations and feelings, and with moods of their own" (xiii).
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One the most important was the Europa (also known as The Rape of Europa) by the greatest Venetian master of the Renaissance, Titian (Titiano Vecellio, 1488-1576), shown in Fig.
In the second part, Paulicelli discusses the costume books of Cesare Vecellio and Giacomo Franco, devoting a chapter to each of these entrepreneurialVenetian authors and image-makers.
Pues ni mas ni menos que a Jose de Rivera, Lorenzo Lotto, Tiziano Vecellio, Verones, Cario Bononi, Pietro Faccini, entre otros maestros.
Furthermore, older paint application systems that are not constructed of stainless steel and do not have adequate temperature and humidity controls are also generally not suited for waterborne systems, but will accommodate high solids coatings, adds Michael Vecellio, North American OEM technology director with Axalta Coating Systems.