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An ancient city of Etruria north of modern-day Rome, Italy. A powerful member of the Etruscan League, it was almost constantly at war with Rome and finally succumbed in 396 bc after a ten-year siege.


1. (Placename) an ancient Etruscan city, northwest of Rome: destroyed by the Romans in 396 bc
2. (Historical Terms) an ancient Etruscan city, northwest of Rome: destroyed by the Romans in 396 bc


(ˈvi yaɪ, ˈveɪ yi)

an ancient Etruscan city in central Italy, in Etruria, near Rome: destroyed by the Romans 396 B.C.
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the Hajji or Veii comprised of eight to nine allied races and this kingdom became an important center of cultural and political activities.
Veii emphasized on the importance of education for young sports people and urged the children to work hard both at school and on the basketball court.
Assim, quando k > 0 o limite superior da distribuicao assintotica VEIII torna-se [omega] = u + [alpha]/k e quando k < 0 o limite inferior da distribuicao assintotica VEII torna-se [epsilon] = u + [alpha]/k.
OTCBB:VEII) an entertainment/development company, today stated that while the events of yesterday's trading would be discouraging to some, management at VEII remain very optimistic and enthusiastic about their project and feel yesterdays volatility was more a direct result of the publics current skepticism toward the market than anything else.
Contract notice: Open procedure within the eec to rely doorman service / reception at the residential facilities capitoline park of veii - rome 3 - victoria house - bruno buozzi.
On the basis of the new evidence, we can conclude that the Heuneburg constituted the central place of an important Early Iron Age polity, comparable in power and influence to Etruscan city-states of the Archaic period such as Tarquinia, Veii or Orvieto (Riva 2010).
Speaking at the prize giving ceremony, Vetumbuavi Veii the Director of the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture said that contributions made towards sports development is not only to that sector alone but all other sectors within the economy.
The four kings that followed Tullus continued the Roman tradition of endless war, with campaigns against formidable foes like the Veii, the Aequans and the Volscians.
TCM will provide VEII with an investment of five million dollars ($5,000,000) in exchange for five percent of the common stock of Voyager Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
Special appreciation goes to coaches and officials of the team, as well as family members for their commitment and support of the team," said Dr Vetumbuavi Veii, director of sport at the Ministry of Youth, National Services, Sport and Culture, at a media briefing this week.
On the west bank of the Tiber, these peoples were focused on urban communities of varied size, such as Veii (190 ha) in the Etruscan region to the south and the smaller centres of Nepi and Falerii d in the Faliscan region to the north (FIGURE 1).
The delegation also paid a courtesy visit to the deputy minister of Youth, National Services, Sport and Culture, Pohamba Shifeta and the director of sports at the ministry, Dr Vetumbuavi Veii.