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An ancient city of Etruria north of modern-day Rome, Italy. A powerful member of the Etruscan League, it was almost constantly at war with Rome and finally succumbed in 396 bc after a ten-year siege.


1. (Placename) an ancient Etruscan city, northwest of Rome: destroyed by the Romans in 396 bc
2. (Historical Terms) an ancient Etruscan city, northwest of Rome: destroyed by the Romans in 396 bc


(ˈvi yaɪ, ˈveɪ yi)

an ancient Etruscan city in central Italy, in Etruria, near Rome: destroyed by the Romans 396 B.C.
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TSI has the same retail Point of Sale system end user focus as VEII.
the Hajji or Veii comprised of eight to nine allied races and this kingdom became an important center of cultural and political activities.
Veii emphasized on the importance of education for young sports people and urged the children to work hard both at school and on the basketball court.
Assim, quando k > 0 o limite superior da distribuicao assintotica VEIII torna-se [omega] = u + [alpha]/k e quando k < 0 o limite inferior da distribuicao assintotica VEII torna-se [epsilon] = u + [alpha]/k.
Furthermore, recent archaeological discoveries, like the Fanum Voltumnae site in Orvieto's Campo della Fiera or the Tomb of the Roaring Lions in Veii, along with new books like Nancy Winter's study of Etruscan roofing systems (and, by extension, Etruscan cultural relationships), have turned the Etruscan period of Roman history into a particularly fast-moving, changeable field.
N'i a ore celui de nus There is no man among us here ki ne l'ait veii lungement who has not watched [the wolf] at e pres de lui ale sovent, length and been often in his company.
There are the complex inter-Italian rivalries that lead to conflict and resolution between Rome and its mother-city of Alba Longa, the Sabines, the Etruscans of Fidenae and Veii, and others--all of which lead to new cultural elements being introduced into the growing city-state.
Camillus first earned renown by successfully storming the city of the Veii, which the Romans had been besieging for 10 years.
51-55), Camillus makes a powerful speech to the Romans, persuading them to stay in Rome rather than decamp to Veii.
Angela Veii, coordinator of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) National Committee in Namibia, reported that "All those present agreed that violence--especially domestic abuse--is rife in our society, and that much needs to be done to assist in the healing of our people and putting an end to the vicious cycle of violence.
Nor was I much interested in pop art itself It was Soutine loved, and the Apollo of Veii, he of the large eyes and shattered arms, and I rather loathed art that was ephemeral and facetious and mocking.
Here, as in "Herakleitos," "Juno of the Veii," and "August Blue," Davenport works from archival yet remote and obscure material.