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A white sauce made of chicken, veal, or fish stock thickened with a roux of flour and butter.

[French, from Old French vellute, velvety, from velous, velvet; see velour.]


(Cookery) a rich white sauce or soup made from stock, egg yolks, and cream
[from French, literally: velvety, from Old French velous; see velour]


(və luˈteɪ)

a smooth white sauce made with meat, poultry, or fish stock. Also called velouté′ sauce`.
[< French: literally, velvety, velvetiness, Middle French velluté=vellut- (< Occitan velut velvet) + -ate1]
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Noun1.veloute - white sauce made with stock instead of milk
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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How about butternut squash veloute, amaretti biscuit and sage for starters, followed by pork tenderloin, black pudding and pig's head beignet and blackcurrant poached pear with caramelised clafoutis and Kir Royale foam?
But our other starter stole the show - a tiny golden apple squash the size of a tangerine, roasted and filled with a deliciously smooth veloute, perfect for dunking the accompanying oatmeal soldiers.
Avec un style veloute, parseme d'anecdotes et de souvenirs qui en rendent la lecture agreable, notre confrere nous presente des personnages saisis dans des moments vrais.
This combo of preciselycooked duck liver with a gentle onion veloute, crisp flakes of dark onion, gently sweated white onion, chive oil and a touch of carefully-reduced meat jus was an absolute delight - sweetness dominating the savory flavours in a way that caused me to come close to licking the plate.
Next is Jason Conway from Elda Wild Irish, who will provide the rabbit for a confit of rabbit terrine, and later the virtual journey continues further inland to the Goatsbridge Trout Farm, to collect the ingredients for a medley of trout including gravlax, rillettes and a smoked veloute served with Faithlegg's own pickled cucumber.
Paris meets the Middle Eastern in dishes such as baba ganoush souffle, quinoa tabbouleh, puy lentil veloute and thareed -- slow cooked lamb shank, regag bread, heirloom carrots and baby marrow.
Ris d'agneau sounds more palatable - sweetbread to you and me - but this milky, rich delicacy, surrounded by a veloute of carrot, in which floated tiny sharp cubes of pickled carrot, was an unusual and special starter.
The sublime culinary creations include Asparagus and Arugula Veloute with Kesong Puti, Basil Oil and Fried Capers to start off a hearty meal; Chilean Sea Bass Poached in Aromatic Lobster Oil with Basil and Tomato Couscous, Marinated Olives, Parsley Puree and Shellfish Emulsion, a highlight of the entrees; and Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding with Crumbled Walnuts and Fresh Strawberries, to end the repast on a sweet note.
After a much-needed de-briefing of the menu from the restaurant manager, we started our meal with Oeuf Poche et Veloute de Truffle which is a slow-poached egg with black truffle sauce and the creamy celeriac sauce with parmesan and crispy quinoa.
At Tomato, Chef Mario's dishes Jerusalem artichoke and hazelnut veloute, ossobuco ravioli or Mahi Mahi plait, finocchio allo zafferano, desserts raspberry tiramisu and passion fruit coulis await.
For the main course Lois delighted in the Sicilian Chicken, breast of chicken with a sage and prosciutto stuffing and nestling in a cheese veloute.
And there are spins on traditional English potato-topped pies, including one with halibut, scallops, shrimp, cod, salmon and braised leeks in a veloute sauce.