Venomous snake

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(Zool.) any serpent which has poison glands and fangs, whether dangerous to man or not. These serpents constitute two tribes, the viperine serpents, or Solenoglypha, and the cobralike serpents, or Proteroglypha. The former have perforated, erectile fangs situated in the front part of the upper jaw, and are without ordinary teeth behind the fangs; the latter have permanently erect and grooved fangs, with ordinary maxillary teeth behind them.

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Like a venomous snake the man leaped toward the stern of the boat, and with a single swift blow struck Tarzan across the head with the heavy paddle.
At the bottom of a flight of narrow steps the corridor turned sharply back upon itself, immediately making another turn in the original direction, so that at that point it formed a perfect letter S, the top leg of which debouched suddenly into a large chamber, illy lighted, and the floor of which was completely covered by venomous snakes and loathsome reptiles.
Which venomous snake is also known as the hamadryad?
THE Janata Parivar in Bihar was rocked by a controversy on Wednesday with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar likening alliance partner and Rashtriya Janata Dal president Lalu Prasad to a venomous snake on a micro- blogging site.
The teenager's death sparked a two-day hunt as the venomous snake remained on the loose, with the public warned to be vigilant.
Darren Owen spotted the venomous snake curled up on the sand on Cymyran beach in Anglesey, North Wales.
Major Ross's batman Mulrooney is bitten by a venomous snake while out in the Bush hunting for much-needed food, while Tommy, James and Elizabeth convince Buckley, Timmins and MacDonald to let them join their game of cards, but events spiral out of control with terrible consequences.
With 21 people who had arrived at clinics with the venomous snake that had bitten them, the scientists double-checked their work and found that their test correctly identified every snake.
Background: The Hungarian Meadow Viper (Vipera ursinii rakosiensis) is Hungary%s most endangered vertebrate and Europe%s most endangered venomous snake.
An Australian teenager is hospitalized after being bitten by the world's most venomous snake, authorities said.
Six-year-old Nancy is bitten by a venomous snake while playing and listening to the music coming from a ship near her home in Port Arthur.
But this venomous snake can shake its tail to warn away any person or animal that comes along.