Venomous snake

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(Zool.) any serpent which has poison glands and fangs, whether dangerous to man or not. These serpents constitute two tribes, the viperine serpents, or Solenoglypha, and the cobralike serpents, or Proteroglypha. The former have perforated, erectile fangs situated in the front part of the upper jaw, and are without ordinary teeth behind the fangs; the latter have permanently erect and grooved fangs, with ordinary maxillary teeth behind them.

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References in classic literature ?
Like a venomous snake the man leaped toward the stern of the boat, and with a single swift blow struck Tarzan across the head with the heavy paddle.
At the bottom of a flight of narrow steps the corridor turned sharply back upon itself, immediately making another turn in the original direction, so that at that point it formed a perfect letter S, the top leg of which debouched suddenly into a large chamber, illy lighted, and the floor of which was completely covered by venomous snakes and loathsome reptiles.
King cobra, the world's longest venomous snake, was seen in the photo lying strangled while the python was also dead.
But imagine finding a highly venomous snake in your baby's play room?
Maggie Jarman was walking on sand dunes in Aberffraw, Anglesey, when three-year-old border collie Chloe was bitten by the venomous snake.
Patna: A woman in Bihar bit a venomous snake to death shortly before she died from snake bite.
The chances of dying from a venomous snake are about the same as dying from a spider bite.
A VENOMOUS snake alert has been issued in the Midland countryside.
However, due to their resemblance to cobras, this species is often misidentified as the highly venomous snake and is met with hostility and fear.
The adder is the only venomous snake in the UK, and the majority of bites occur when a snake is disturbed or deliberately antagonised.
Darren Owen spotted the venomous snake curled up on the sand on Cymyran beach in Anglesey, North Wales.