Venous hum

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(Med.) a humming sound, or bruit, heard during auscultation of the veins of the neck in anæmia.

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We conducted a retrospective study of patients who had been diagnosed with venous hum (idiopathic pulsatile tinnitus of a venous origin) and treated with IJV ligation over a 6-year period at the Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, China.
Recent studies reported that the venous hum of venous PT is caused by turbulent and nonlaminar blood flow, which is then transmitted to the cochlea.
The venous hum is heard all over the anterior chest and is present if the child is upright and disappears when he lies down or with pressure over the jugular vein.
A pulmonary flow murmur, Still's murmur, venous hum, carotid bruit, and peripheral pulmonary stenosis are benign heart sounds detectable in an office setting, said Dr.