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A city of southern California on the Pacific Ocean west of Los Angeles. It was founded as the mission of San Buenaventura (still the official name of the city) in 1782.


(vɛnˈtʊər ə)
a city in SW California, NW of Los Angeles. 88,900.
Official name, San Buenaventura.
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VENTURA -- It's not difficult to find Kali Bennett before a game.
Miguel Ventura has met this ideal literally by devising and promoting his very own language, Nilcese, named after the fanciful New Interterritorial Language Committee (NILC).
Ventura was the third-party candidate who won control of the ship of state and changed Minnesota's fortunes while handsomely boosting his own.
Jesse Ventura slams Republicans, Democrats, and big government.
a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing global poverty by increasing access to microfinance, today announced its partnership with MBK Ventura (formerly known as Ganesha), a microfinance institution in Indonesia.
A new survey ranks the Ventura County area among the most secure places to live in the United States, based on job security, low crime rates, the threat of terrorism and response to natural disasters, among other things.
In January, Jesse Ventura was sworn in as governor of Minnesota in the most refreshingly declasse inauguration since 1829, when Andrew Jackson's supporters wheeled a giant cheese into Washington, D.
In the wake of his stunning election as Minnesota's next governor, former World Wrestling Federation superstar Jesse Ventura presides as a genuine cultural phenomenon.
SignalDemand, a leading provider of Pricing and Promotion Optimization solutions for food and consumer goods manufacturers, announced today that their solution was selected by Ventura Foods.
A Red Cross veteran known for his communications skills and community involvement will take over Wednesday as the new chief executive officer for the American Red Cross, Ventura County chapter.
LOS ANGELES -- First Look Studios (Pink Sheets:FRST), a leading independent entertainment studio, announced today that it has established Ventura Home Entertainment and acquired assets related to Ventura Distribution, Inc.
VENTURA -- Thousands of people enjoyed carnival rides, music and exhibit halls as the annual Ventura County Fair opened Wednesday at its traditional Seaside Park venue.

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