venturi tube

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Venturi tube

1. (General Physics) physics a device for measuring fluid flow, consisting of a tube so constricted that the pressure differential produced by fluid flowing through the constriction gives a measure of the rate of flow
2. (General Physics) Also called: venturi a tube with a constriction used to reduce or control fluid flow, as one in the air inlet of a carburettor
[C19: named after G. B. Venturi (1746–1822), Italian physicist]

ven•tu′ri tube`

(vɛnˈtʊər i)
1. a device for measuring fluid flow, consisting of a tube constricted in such a way that a pressure differential is created between the center and the ends.
2. an alteration in the shape of the throat of a carburetor for controlling the flow of fuel.
[after German. B. Venturi (1746–1822), Italian physicist]
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Noun1.venturi tube - a short tube inserted into a pipeline and used to measure the quantity of a liquid that is flowing in the pipelineVenturi tube - a short tube inserted into a pipeline and used to measure the quantity of a liquid that is flowing in the pipeline
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Reducing air speed and delivering an optimum airflow eliminates the Venturi effect, minimizes pressure differences and therefore prevents problems such as hot spots .
Many respiratory therapy students and practitioners alike have grappled over such fluid physics models as the law of continuity, Bernoulli principle, and Venturi effect.
There are several possibilities for a venturi effect to suck air into the melt flow: ribs, ejector pins, poor mating of nozzle tip to sprue bushing, nozzle misalignment, and separated plates in a hot runner.
Among the most recent additions is the HEAT 655 CS, the suffix indicating compatibility with use in Confined Space by virtue of a solid back-blast reduction counter-mass used in combination with the Venturi effect to neutralise the recoil.
The Venturi effect, named after physicist Giovanni Venturi (1746-1822), is the increase in velocity of a fluid as it travels through a restricted area.
AirPower technology mixes water with air, using the Venturi effect, which increases the overall volume, meaning water flow is rich and soft, which prevents splashing.
Other amenities to be found in Herbana are roofless solar showers made of recycled pine wood and pebbled stone floorings that use solar energy for heating; and the rocket oven, which generates a roaring, rocket-like sound as the heat from burning wood is sucked from a smaller chamber to a bigger one, creating the venturi effect that increases air velocity.
The second fence is based on a new device that concentrates the energy of slow-moving water into a smaller area of faster-flowing water using the so-called Venturi effect.
They combined front porch living with the Venturi effect of the long hallway in the interior--an important strategy for keeping cool in the hot and humid summer months.
The system operates on a simple physical principal known as the Venturi effect, which enables the pumping of liquid by creating pressure differences between two pipes leading into the liquid.