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(ˈviːnəsˌbɜːɡ; German ˈveːnʊsbɛrk)
(Placename) a mountain in central Germany: contains caverns that, according to medieval legend, housed the palace of the goddess Venus


(ˈvi nəsˌbɜrg)

a mountain in central Germany in the caverns of which, according to medieval legend, Venus held court.
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The Venusberg of Piccadilly looked white as a nun with snow and moonlight, but the melancholy music of pleasure, and the sad daughters of joy, seemed not to heed the cold.
Of performance name university hospital bonn postal address sigmund-freud-strasse 25 place 53127 bonn supplementary / divergent information about the place of performance campus university hospital bonn on the venusberg between university women~s hospital
A statue of Napoleon III in the middle of the room seems to gaze disapprovingly at eight TV screens showing nude Venusberg scenes drawn from different contemporary productions of Tannhauser.
The opera's Bacchanal remains a defining focus Tannhauser, and the LNOB had The Baltic Times was informed engaged local striptease artists for the simulated onstage orgiastic reveries, and to convey the psychosexual symbolism of the myth Venus and her subterranean realm of Venusberg (Venus Mountain) which is featured in the opera.
Similarly, the performance of the Overture and Venusberg Music from Tannhauser impressed most in the extrovert passages where the percussion section excelled - castanets in Wagner
In the course of his discovery of music, he finds a model as poet and hero in the Germanic myth of Tannhauser, but, in a characteristic Germanic-Romance collocation, the last line of his hero's dialogue with Eckhardt at the gate of the Venusberg is a direct translation of the last line of the Italian Leopardi's great poem "L'Infinito" ("Infinity"): ".
Mozart's Ave Verum, which marked a return to church music at the very end of his life, was the blissful opener and contrasting prelude to Wagner's rousing Tannhauser Overture (a lastminute truncation of the programme omitted the contrite and redemptive Venusberg Music, as well as Walton's Crown Imperial Coronation march).
Con que maravilloso arte representaba Tannhauser, cuando, despues del encantamiento de Venusberg, se encuentra en el valle, en medio del bosque de Turingia
No abnormalities with hemoglobin Venusberg can be assumed, however, because none have been noted for 2 other hemoglobins with mutations at the same position [hemoglobin Brisbane ([beta] Leu68His) (3) and hemoglobin Mizuho ([beta] Leu68Pro) (4)].
7) In this period's works he combines a considerable interest in historical rigor and magical elements (Tannhauser's Venusberg, Lohengrin's world of the Grail).
Chevalley, writing on the 1904 Festival, complains about the hiring of American dancer Isadora Duncan for the Venusberg scene in Tannhauser.
Presumably this was "Retreat"--unless Lewis combined the island Avalon with the mountain Venusberg.