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 (vĕr′ə-kro͞oz′, bă′rä-kro͞os′)
A city of east-central Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico east of Puebla. Founded in 1599 on a site visited earlier (1519) by Hernando Cortés, it was frequently sacked by buccaneers in the 1600s and 1700s. US troops led by Gen. Winfield Scott captured the city in 1847 during the Mexican War. It is a large port and a tourist resort.


(ˌvɛrəˈkruːz; Spanish beraˈkruθ)
1. (Placename) a state of E Mexico, on the Gulf of Mexico: consists of a hot humid coastal strip with lagoons, rising rapidly inland to the central plateau and Sierra Madre Oriental. Capital: Jalapa. Pop: 630 000 (2005 est). Area: 72 815 sq km (28 114 sq miles)
2. (Placename) the chief port of Mexico, in Veracruz state on the Gulf of Mexico. Pop: 410 000 (2000 est)


(ˌvɛr əˈkruz, -ˈkrus)

1. a state in E Mexico, on the Gulf of Mexico. 6,737,324; 27,759 sq. mi. (71,895 sq. km). Cap.: Jalapa.
2. a seaport in this state: the chief port of Mexico. 438,821.
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Noun1.Veracruz - a major Mexican port on the Gulf of Mexico in the state of VeracruzVeracruz - a major Mexican port on the Gulf of Mexico in the state of Veracruz
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
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watch said that, "The key events included in the weekly report are: No forecast of rainfall in Espirito Santo state in Brazil affects Conilon coffee production; climate change and rust may reduce the 2015/16 coffee harvest by 50% in Veracruz state of Mexico; fall in international prices of coffee affects Indian exports and worries traders; rain showers expected in four coffee producing regions in Brazil; Nicaragua achieved a record high of $400 million in coffee exports until last September; campaign 'Coffee with Profit' of Cooxupe has benefited 103,000 producers in Brazil; world coffee consumption doubled in the last 20 years; price of coffee pulped in city of Ourinhos of Brazil fell by 9.
The Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico (PVEM), with the support of animal rights groups, has led the effort to ban bullfighting in the three states as well as municipalities in Veracruz state and Michoacan states (SourceMex, July 3, 2013).
The purpose of our work was to compile an annotated list of new fern records for Veracruz State.
New Ant Species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Records for Veracruz State and Mexico.
We felt it very hard," Reuters quoted a spokesman for Veracruz state emergency services.
The accident happened in Veracruz state on the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday.
nabbed "a major portion of the criminal gang," the Veracruz state
The Lazaro Cardenas refinery in Veracruz state is closest to the projected path of Ingrid.
Ernesto is forecast to plow through Veracruz state and into central Mexico on Friday as a tropical depression.
In neighboring Veracruz state, further south on the Gulf of Mexico, security forces Thursday found the dismembered bodies of two missing news photographers and two others, just days after a magazine reporter was killed in the same state.
Officials at the newspaper have criticised police investigations into the crime and called on the Veracruz state Attorney General Amadeo Flores to resign.
Veracruz state is located south east of the country, hosting a large number of petrochemicals and power industries, besides the most important commercial port for exporting oil in the country.