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n.1.(Zool.) Any species of vermetus.
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What they discovered was that these bars were preserved by nearly 12 feet of vermetid gastropods, also known as worm snails.
A vermetid gastropod with complex intracapsular cannibalism of nurse eggs and sibling larvae and a high potential for invasion.
Caprodon longimanus showed a tendency for association with vermetid molluscs (Fig.
Other macrofossils present, or locally characteristic, within this formation are orbitolinids, nautiloids, brachiopods, vermetid gastropods, solitary corals, serpulids, echinoids, Plicatula placunea and Lithocodium aggregatum (e.
In Brazil, most of the reefs present tiny calcareous formations that grow on sandstone rocks whose main bioconstructors are encrusting calcareous algae, vermetid molluscs and few corals (Maida and Ferreira, 1997; Castro and Pires, 2001).
In substrate-cemented mollusks, such as vermetid gastropods, the larval shell is preserved.
Polychaete cryptofauna from rims of similar intertidal vermetid reefs on the Mediterranean coast of Israel and in the Gulf of Elat: Syllidae and Eusyllinae (Polychaeta: Syllidae).
2001), polychaetes like Petaloproctus (Wilson, 1979; Reise, 1982), and vermetid gastropods (Safriel, 1975).
6 mm) collected at McAbee Beach was eating the vermetid snail Petaloconchus montereyensis.
Reefs are constructed by various kinds of organisms including, among others, oysters, vermetid gastropods, serpulid polychaetes, calcifying algae (in particular red algae or Rhodophytes), hydrozoans, and corals.
Serpulorbis squamigerus, a sessile vermetid gastropod now abundant at HMS and the central California coast, has changed dramatically in abundance at HMS over the last 60 yr.
Preliminary note on the ecology of Calcinus verrilli, an endemic Bermuda hermit crab occupying attached vermetid shells.