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intr.v. ver·mi·com·post·ed, ver·mi·com·post·ing, ver·mi·com·posts
To make compost by providing organic waste as a food source to earthworms and then collecting their excrement.
Compost created in this manner.
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He has also learned how to make his own organic fertilizer from vermicast (African Night Crawler poop), fermented fish, and plant and fruit juice, all of which he learned and perfected, thanks to the Internet.
Altavas towns OTOP is Puto Tostado, Balete, root crops; Banga, fruits and vegetables; Batan, Makato and New Washington, seafoods; Buruanga and Tangalan, eco-tourism; Ibajay, Coco-based products; Kalibo, Loom-woven products; Lezo, Pottery; Libacao, abaca-based products; Madalag, coconut products; Malay, Walis Tambo; Malinao, Abaca slippers/abaca-based products, Nabas, Bariwcraft, and Numancia, Vermicast organic fertilizer.
7] viable cells/g (Azotobacter chroococcun, Bacillus megaterium and Rhizobium leguminosarum) observed in different combination of vermicast with lignite upto 10 months.
Worm poop--known in scientific circles as vermicast, or worm castings.
The predominant fungal colony was isolated from the vermicast of Eudrilus eugeniae and it was identified as Aspergillus sp.
Vermicompost is the product of composting utilizing various species of worms, usually earthworms, and white worms to create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast.
Through vermiculture, which is the process of using worms to decompose organic wastes, a whole range of products can be produced, including vermicast and vermicompost, injected Harvey.
Profits can even be higher with farm-based vermicast fertilizers.
The project is intended for the production of vermicast and organic concoctions for commercialization and promotion of organic farming, a release from San Carlos City Information Office said.
Aside from taking large quantities of material out of the city's waste stream, the Nature's Little Recyclers' system produces top-notch vermicast compost, which is available in three grades, and, of course, the worms themselves, which are sold for home composting, sport fishing, and as snacks for various vermiphagous pets.