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intr.v. ver·mi·com·post·ed, ver·mi·com·post·ing, ver·mi·com·posts
To make compost by providing organic waste as a food source to earthworms and then collecting their excrement.
Compost created in this manner.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Operation Of Vermicomposting Unit At Nalconagar Township
Pramanik P, Chung YR (2011) Changes in fungal population of fly ash and vinasse mixture during vermicomposting by Eudrilus eugeniae and Eisenia fetida'.
With financial help from the state government, they are constructing vermicomposting units and setting up biogas plants.
The products which were unveiled today included the third and fourth generations of composite tanks, Toosa file sharing system and browsers for easy access to goods and services, production of new forms of artificial stones, nanotechnology-based products, metal oxide powders, triangle sound system and nitrogen-rich fertilizer from latex produced in the process of vermicomposting.
In: Vermicomposting and Vermiculture as basis of ecological landownership in XXI century-problems, outlooks, achievements.
For those who want to start composting in their homes, the cheapest method is vermicomposting, which can be done in a small container using, yes, worms.
However, a significant portion of prisoner rehabilitation revolves around professional certifications that are linked to sustainable practices such as composting, vermicomposting, aquaponics, hydroponics, horticulture, livestock care, natural fertilization, alternative energy use, water conservation, waste diversion, and ecosystem stabilization.
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If you make an effort, you can even save on manure by using the kitchen waste to make your own by vermicomposting, thus growing organic food.
Vermicomposting is a method that relies on earthworms to turn organic waste, such as leftover foods, into a 100-percent natural compost, which when added to plants and trees allows them to grow bigger and stronger, while eliminating any need for artificial chemical fertilizers.
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