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 (vər-mŏnt′) Abbr. VT or Vt.
A state of the northeast United States bordering on Canada. It was admitted as the 14th state in 1791. Explored by Samuel de Champlain in 1609, the region was settled by the British in 1724. Claims to the area were relinquished by Massachusetts in 1781, New Hampshire in 1782, and New York in 1790. Montpelier is the capital and Burlington the largest city.

Ver·mont′er n.


(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Vermont
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Noun1.Vermonter - a native or resident of Vermont
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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Being an economical Vermonter, Barrett went to work in a little wooden shed in the backyard of a Brooklyn foundry.
Thayer is a Vermonter who has climbed the ladder of experience from its lower rungs to the top.
There weekly arrive in this town scores of green Vermonters and New Hampshire men, all athirst for gain and glory in the fishery.
Now, if you take into account that all this was to be worked out by a set of lazy, twaddling, shiftless laborers, who had grown up, all their lives, in the absence of every possible motive to learn how to do anything but `shirk,' as you Vermonters say, and you'll see that there might naturally be, on his plantation, a great many things that looked horrible and distressing to a sensitive child, like me.
The native Vermonter brings more than 20 years of industry experience to his new role where he is excited by the challenges of working in new product categories.
A sixth generation Vermonter, he moved from Vermont to Massachusetts in 1941, but always considered himself a lifetime Vermonter.
Amtrak LaHood: Amtrak Vermonter line upgrades boost rail service.
Every Vermonter is entitled to a clean, healthy source of water.
The two are the defining characteristics for membership in the elite Vermonter category.
In the fall, the canyon is a polychrome postcard of yellow, orange and red as cottonwoods, aspens and scrub oak show off foliage that could make a Vermonter homesick.
As a Vermonter who is "party to a civil union," there is much I could bemoan about how civil unions are not truly equal to marriage.
After undertaking a revision of his 1958 book George Perkins Marsh, Versatile Vermonter, author David Lowenthal soon realized his 40 years of research on Marsh required that he write a wholly new biography.