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n.1.A kind of sweet wine from Italy.
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His wine he takes hot when the nights are cold, malvoisie or vernage, with as much spice as would cover the thumb-nail.
Take almond mylk, and draw hit up thik with vernage, [white wine] and let hit boyle, and braune of capons braied, and put therto; and cast therto sugre, clowes [cloves], maces, pynes, and ginger, mynced; and take chekyns parboyled, and chopped, and pul of the skyn, and boyle al ensemble, and in the settynge doune from the fire, put therto a lytel vynegur alaied [mixed] with pouder of ginger, and a lytel water of everose,[rose-water] and make the potage hanginge [thick], and serve hit forthe.
A witness implicated convicted rapist Simon Vernage, 42, in the murder after he allegedly confessed.