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a.1.Suiting a slave; servile; obsequious.
The example . . . of vernile scurrility.
- De Quincey.
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Glenn Thibeault, MPP for Sudbury, made the announcement today, on behalf of Daiene Vernile, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, at Science North in Sudbury.
Church's manager John Vernile said: "We are looking forward to being in court on Monday.
Betty Shoemake and the late Vernile Shoemake and Mrs.
Attendees included Rick Barlow, Cricket; Mark Blosch, Integra Telecom; Lanette Carlsen, Avaya; Rex Knowles, XO Communications; Darren Mosier, Sprint Wireless; Jaron Payzant, Mountain West Telecom; Gary Nieboer, Electric Lightwave; Vernile Prince, All West Communications; Robin Riggs, Qwest; Todd Southwick, Verizon Wireless; and Robert Spafford, Nextel.
Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Transportation, and Daiene Vernile, MPP for Kitchener Centre, were in Waterloo today to announce Mr.