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n.1.(Geom.) The turning factor of a quaternion.
Quadrantal versor
See under Quadrantal.
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To this, we call it versor that is nothing more than a directed arc from a circle with radius 1, representing the path of a point that is rotated by an angle a in an axis r.
Consciente, con certeza, del valor del tesoro contenido en la biblioteca Burgoa, y acaso algo sorprendida de que el acervo contenga tan pocos titulos escritos por mujeres, Dianna Frid se tomo dos anos para concluir el proyecto al que titulo Materias / Matter and Subject Matter, durante los cuales estudio, entre muchas otras, joyas como el Mundus subterraneas (1678) de Athanasius Kircher, o los Comentarios a Aristoteles (1484) de Johannes Versor, uno de los volumenes mas antiguos de la biblioteca.
The versor confirmation of the population and industry of Bangladesh with modern energy is compared to countries of similar economic strength at a low level of development.
There are (at least) three possibilities: that Rood left Oxford in 1482/1483 and others completed the printing jobs he had in hand, that he left a year or two later after completing the editions he had in hand, or even that he left Oxford but returned at some point in 1486, having printed the Versor in Cologne at the end of 1485.
Es importante aclarar que si se desea obtener el modelo en la estacion inversora, los signos de las matrices en los voltajes del con- versor y en los de la fuente AC cambian de signo (Gengyin, Ming, Ming y Chengyong, 2007).
Tabela 2-Cargas das variaveis relevantes Variavel Dimensoes 1 2 VERSOR 0,333 0,51 VERSWI 0,415 0,51 VERSFA 0,67 -0,056 VERSTW 0,59 0,436 VERSLI 0,452 0,54 VERSYO 0,55 0,45 VERSRS 0,65 -0,123 VEIE 0,63 0,098 VEODA 0,59 -0,4 VEACTMK 0,3 -0,58 VEACTNP 0,59 -0,256 VEACTFD 0,66 0,128 VEACTCM 0,59 -0,354 VEACTCO 0,6 0,068 VEGP VEQURS 0,67 0,6 0,16 0,21
In the second chapter the author discusses various authors from the Renaissance: Petrarch, Donato Acciaiuoli, Versor, Wellendorffer, Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples, Clichtove, John Mair (also known as John Major), and Piccolomini.
is the normal versor to the scattering surface, defined in each point.
En el Renacimiento, Jean Le Tourneur Versor (siglo quince), que sigue a Buridan, adopta tambien el doblete sinonimico civile et politicum (16).
XV: Dionisio el Cartujano, Juan Versor, Cristoforo Landino, Pedro Niger, Nicolas Tignosius, Lamberti de Monte, Domingo de Flandes, Juan de Mechlinia, Juan de Glogowia, Ofredo Apolinar Cremonense, Crisostomo Iavelli, Joannes de Lutria, Silvestre de Ferrara, Cayetano.
As it is well known, the geometry of versor fields along a curve is a generalization of usual theory of curves, in which the versor field is nothing but the tangent versor field to the given curve.