Vertical fire

(Mil.) the fire, as of mortars, at high angles of elevation.

See also: Vertical

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The National Fire Protection Association's analysis of the major factors contributing to the loss of life of the firefighters and severity of fire includes (among other factors): | The lack of automatic fire sprinklers on the floor of fire origin | The unimpeded growth and spread of the fire on the 22nd floor Sprinklers on the 30th floor, supplied by fire department pumpers, were effective in stopping the vertical fire spread.
And the council has reiterated that all its high-rise buildings have other fire safety measures which meet or exceed the relevant guidelines, including hardwired smoke alarms in all flats, water pipes which run from the ground to top floor for firefighters to tap into in the event of a fire, horizontal and vertical fire breaks and fire resistant doors.
5 metre tall ladder rack rig for vertical fire tests on cables (IEC 60332-3-22 to 24 and BS EN 50399) complementing its existing three metre cube chamber for smoke emission tests (EN 61034-2) and halogen testing facilities, he stated.
Supply and erection of two vertical fire fighting pumps, other 2 pumps to lift water to upper floors, also other two pumps to handle hot water.
Four tenders for the extending the required (a) security and guarding services to the institute, (b) supply of electric requisites, (c) maintenance of 18 elevators & (d) supply and erection of three vertical fire fighting pumps, other 3 pumps to lift water to upper floors, also other three pumps to handle hot water.
Limited Tenders are invited for Linking Of Static Water Tank With Vertical Fire Water Tanks Including Allied Pumping Arrangements At Tondiarpet Terminal
Supply of various equipment including water coolers, carpets, vertical fire extinguishers, clocks & cash box type safes.
Subject this procurement procedure are to continue discussions on the EIFS facade with the following deliverables: Component I: approximately 1 350 m2 facade surface EIFS with EPS insulation, about 86 m2 plinth insulation, about 860 m horizontal and vertical fire barrier, about 50 m2 facade surface ETICS with mineral wool insulation A1 non-combustible,Part II: approximately 85 m2 plinth insulation.