vertically challenged

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ver′tically chal′lenged

(used as a euphemism) short in stature.
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Being vertically challenged has to have some perks, after all.
Even though he is vertically challenged, he always manages to look good
The new trousers aren't just for tall girls but the vertically challenged as well.
THE release of new Tom Cruise movie Lions for Lambs has prompted new speculation about the height of the vertically challenged star.
As a vertically challenged French-American living in exile (translates to "short Cajun whose French ancestors were exiled from Canada by the British and who relocated to Louisiana"), I understand.
ARGENTINA have an embarrassment of riches especially in the form of their gifted but vertically challenged playmakers.
People who watch Monster Garage-type shows will love this type of footwear, as will those who are vertically challenged.
It comes from sitting for hours in a cramped seat designed for vertically challenged circus performers, a meal tray that you can`t get down over your stomach when the guy in front rams hit seat back.
I'd been playing baseball and tennis up to that point and, being vertically challenged because of my height, I thought I'd try a game that leveled the playing field.
And they don't come much wackier than James 'Wacker' Walker, Walsall's slightly vertically challenged, but hugely popular custodian for almost an entire decade.
The novel's humorous depiction of the overlapping worlds of show business and religion is accomplished through characters exaggerated enough to be satiric targets but human enough to be real: the beer-swilling Fagan the Pagan, the vertically challenged Rev.
I wasn't aware that many vertically challenged people used that particular crossing.