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Noun1.Vespidae - an arthropod family of the order Hymenoptera including: yellow jacketsVespidae - an arthropod family of the order Hymenoptera including: yellow jackets; hornets; mason wasps
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Hymenoptera, order Hymenoptera - an order of insects including: bees; wasps; ants; ichneumons; sawflies; gall wasps; etc.
vespid, vespid wasp - mostly social nest-building wasps
genus Vespa, Vespa - type genus of the Vespidae: various hornets and yellow jackets
genus Vespula, Vespula - sometimes considered a subgenus of Vespa: social wasps
genus Polistes, Polistes - a genus of Vespidae
Eumenes, genus Eumenes - mason wasps
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1 Vespidae Polistes exlamans 1 Outer Tegula Distance (mm) Bees Apidae Apis meWfera 3.
Pompilidae Species 1 Sphecidae Species 1 Tiphiidae Species 1 Vespidae Species 1 Species 2 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Cisthene tehuacana Dyar Geometridae Species 1 Hesperiidae Ancyloxypha arene (Edwards) Atalopedes campestris (Boisduval) Pyrgus orcus (Stoll) Pyrgus sp.
The present research work is based on the molecular study of Ropalida brevita species from the genus Ropalida of the Subfamily Polistinae of family Vespidae using 12S rRNA gene and Cytochrome 1 (Co1) gene of collected from Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Generally, the brighter-colored species are in the Vespidae, or stinging wasp, family," the publication says.
Identification Atlas of the Vespidae (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) of the northeastern Nearctic region.
The only Vespidae occurring in Brazil that include social wasps are the Polistinae subfamily, represented by species of the Mischocyttarini and Polistini tribes (independent foundation), and by species of the Epiponini tribe (swarming foundation) (CARPENTER; MARQUES, 2001; HERMES; KOHLER, 2006).
Hymenoptera fue el orden con mayor riqueza de especies, sus familias Formicidae y Vespidae las mas diversas, Apidae y Vespidae las que tuvieron la mayor distribucion en el estado.
Vespidae 5 1 Formicidae 2 Microhymenoptera 2 (0,03/h) 0 (0/h) Lepidoptera 6 (0,10/h) 1 (0,08/h) Hemiptera 2 (0,03/h) 0 (0/h) Thysanoptera ++ (1) + TOTAL 102 45 MEDIA 1,7/h 3,5/h Visitantes Areas FRAG-1 FRAG-2 13 h 13 h Diptera 20 (1,54/h) 8 (0,62/h) Syrphidae 10 1 Bibionidae 6 2 Drosophilidae 4 2 Culicidade Tachinidae Simuloidea 3 Coleoptera 9 (0,69/h) 9 (0,69/h) Curculionidae Cantharidae 5 6 Elateridae 1 Califoridae 3 3 Hymenoptera 3 (0,23/h) 10 (0,77/h) Apidae 1 Trigona spinipes 1 Plebeia sp.