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n.1.(Bot.) The Viburnum Tinus, an evergreen shrub or tree of the south of Europe, which flowers during the winter months.
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Think Viburnum tinus, cornus, elaeagnus, ribes, ceanothus, forsythia, mahonia, philadelphus, griselinia and cherry laurel (Prunus lusitanica) - all species that are easily propagated and cared for.
We have a threesome of large shrubs at the bottom of the garden -- Echium webbii, Viburnum tinus and Polygala myrtifolia -- all of which are great plants for pollinators, but which one was smothered in bees and Red Admiral butterflies?
For infection, the anemone coronaria, pistacia atlantica, and viburnum tinus flower were found the most effective.
VIBURNUM tinus (laurustinus) is a useful bushy evergreen, which grows up to 10ft in height and width and bears flattened clusters of perfumed white flowers which open in late winter and spring.
Plant of Week Viburnum tinus THIS useful bushy evergreen, which grows up to 10ft in height and width, bears flattened clusters of perfumed white flowers which burst open in late winter and spring.
Generalmente es frecuente encontrar otras especies de menor porte como Viburnum tinus, Arbutus unedo, Pteridium aquilinum, Ruscus aculeatus, Origanum virens, Vincetoxicum nigrum, etc.
Viburnum tinus is another reliable evergreen shrub which can comfortably fill a winter pot.
My favourites include mahonia japonica, right, viburnum tinus, skimmia, ceanothus and euchryphia.
Now that spring flowering shrubs have done their thing, it's time to thin Kerria by cutting out a third of its growth, and to prune back spring flowering shrubs such as choisya, berberis, chaenomeles, ribes, and evergreens such as viburnum tinus.
VIBURNUM tinus Gwenllian, although not scented, is a valuable winter-flowering evergreen for padding out flower arrangements.
Q I have a camellia in a pot, and a viburnum tinus in the ground.
Lauristinus, or viburnum tinus, makes a neat mound of evergreen foliage with clusters of pink buds opening to sweetly scented white flowers throughout the winter.