video jockey

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video jockey

n. Abbr. VJ
One who announces, plays, and provides commentary on videotaped programs, especially music videos.

video jockey

(Professions) a person who introduces and plays videos, esp of pop songs, on a television programme. Abbreviation: VJ

vid′eo jock`ey

a person who plays and comments on videocassette recordings, as on a music video broadcast. Abbr.: VJ


(ˈvidiəu) plural ˈvideos noun
1. the recording or broadcasting (by means of a video recorder) of television pictures and sound.
2. a videotape.
3. (also video cassette recorder; ~VCR) a machine used for watching or recording television films and programmes on videotape.
to record on a video recorder or videotape. He videoed the television programme on volcanoes.
ˈvideo arcade noun
a place where people can play video games on machines.
ˈvideo camera noun
a camera for shooting video films.
ˈvideo (cassette) recorder noun
see video.
ˈvideo jockey noun
see VJ.
ˈvideotape noun
a magnetic tape for recording video films.
to record a film etc on video.
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Cyrus Sahukar is one of more famous Video Jockeys of India who burst onto the scene with his stint on the music channel MTV India.
Video jockeys Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn -- with help from rock writer Gavin Edwards -- provide an oral history of the launch of the network that pioneered unscripted entertainment, and brought Michael Jackson's dance moves and Jon Bon Jovi's hair into our living rooms.
By 1996, MTV, with its over-the-top videos and video jockeys (VJs) was on Indian television.
Dozens of celebrities have had their big break on MTV either as presenters or as Video Jockeys.
If dance is more your style, then get to Moshine Mix, featuring nine DJs and video jockeys, at Middlesbrough bar Two 0 Two from 2pm to 1am in aid of Teesside Hospice.