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 (vĭd′ē-ō-kə-sĕt′, -kă-)
A cassette containing blank or prerecorded videotape.


(ˈvɪd i oʊ kəˌsɛt, -kæ-)

a cassette enclosing a length of tape for video recording or reproduction.
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Noun1.videocassette - a cassette for videotapevideocassette - a cassette for videotape    
cassette - a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video
video recording, video - a recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program)
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Renting out discs and what's left of videocassettes is the business of over 6,600 shops in the U.
Now he's using his unmatched knowledge of KATV's news archives to digitize the best bits of the ABC affiliate's 24,000 3/4-inch archival videocassettes, donated by KATV owner Allbritton Communications to the Pryor Center of Arkansas Oral & Visual History.
Videocassettes showing footage from the making of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) TV commercials featuring Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, the LDP president, will go on sale Friday, the party announced Thursday.
In addition, writers said there was no increase offered for videocassettes and DVDs and no residuals for anything shown on the Internet if it was produced before May 2001.
By then the movie companies were themselves making a fortune off the sale of prerecorded videocassettes.
5 billion DVDs annually along with the capacity to produce more than 500 million Videocassettes and more than 300 million CDs annually.
4 million videocassettes of its 1977 animated film ``The Rescuers'' after two frames depicting a woman's nude torso were inserted into the master copy.
HDCAM videocassettes utilize Maxell's superior ultra-high-performance binder systems to achieve exceptional durability, essential to resilience in the volatile environments of ENG/EFP recordings.
the world's largest film print, videocassette and DVD production and distribution company, said Tuesday that it will buy AstralTech, Canada's second-largest duplicator of videocassettes, for $17.
The longer recording times offered by the new Fujifilm videocassettes for DVCPRO XL are necessary to handle the increasing amount of standard definition and high definition content that has become the norm in today's broadcast and production facilities," said Tom Daly, Director of Marketing, Professional & Commercial Markets, Recording Media Division.
Since AutoVision is fully integrated, it is possible for front-seat passengers to listen to radio programs, audiocassettes or CDs, while those in the rear cabin watch and listen to videocassettes on headphones or play video games.
Technicolor, a subsidiary of Carlton Communications, is the world's largest producer of prerecorded videocassettes with a weekly capacity of more than 10 million.