Vienna roll

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Noun1.Vienna roll - yeast-raised roll with a hard crustVienna roll - yeast-raised roll with a hard crust
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
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Other treats on offer include Sandringham Sausage and Sandwich Spread on Vienna rolls.
Villand says the Pain de Paris outlets--which are open 24 hours--offer hungry patrons an assortment of French bread, Vienna rolls, baguettes, buns and seven-grain bread.
In the text one finds information on a range of items like Vienna rolls, raisin bread, Middle Eastern pitta bread, brioche, toppings, whole wheat doughnuts, fruit pies, soft-filled pies, eclairs and cream puffs, cream cheese dough products, whipped cakes, combination cake mixes, cut-out or sugar cookies, bar cookies, macaroons, almond horns, enriched quick breads, etc.

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