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 (vē-ĕt′nə-mĭ-zā′shən, vyĕt′-, vē′ĭt-)
During the Vietnam War, the US program of turning over to the South Vietnamese government responsibility for waging the conflict, in order to implement withdrawal of US military personnel.


(ˌvjɛtnəmaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Historical Terms) (in the Vietnam War) a US government policy of transferring the tasks of fighting and directing the war to the government and forces of South Vietnam
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They faced crisis after crisis, from the Vietnamisation of the War to the sudden withdrawal of American troops in 1973 (along with a precipitous decline in aid), to the oil crisis, to rampant inflation.
But fears of Vietnamisation and the 'puppet' label have persisted long after 1979 both inside and outside Cambodia.
Ce traumatisme a empire au Vietnam et au Laos avec la mainmise communiste sur les hauts plateaux, l'envoi de colons vietnamiens en masse sur leurs territoires traditionnels, et la vietnamisation ou laosisation forcee qui s'ensuivit apres 1975.
The long-standing American cabinet minister, Robert Reich says that the austerity narrative is dangerous nonsense - a "sort of the Vietnamisation of the economy - [that] you're saving the economy by killing it" - a reference to the nutty American general who talked about destroying Vietnamese villages to save them.
Arjun Appadurai makes this point clear when he acutely observes, "For people of Irian Jaya, Indonesianisation may be more worrisome than Americanisation, as Japanisation may be for Koreans, Indianisation for Sri Lankans, Vietnamisation for Cambodians, Russianisation for the people of Soviet Armenia and the Baltic Republics" (Appadurai 1996, 32).
In Vietnam it was called Vietnamisation, the building of Vietnam capacity, so that when the Americans withdrew the burden of confronting the Viet Cong, the Taleban of the time, would be borne by the South Vietnamese regime and army.
Vietnamisation, in contrast, began too late to affect the outcome of the Vietnam war.
After Richard Nixon announced, in mid-1969, his Vietnamisation policy, reducing the number of US troops by around 500,000 over three years, the tonnage of US ordnance dropped in air attacks in Vietnam increased rapidly.
Vietnamisation was attempted over years and still failed - Baghdad's forces must undergo Iraqi-isation in a few months.
A la suite de la victoire du Parti communiste vietnamien en 1954, une vague de migrants vict a deferle dans la province de Lao Cai ; ces derniers ont participe a la << vietnamisation >> sociale, culturelle et economique des groupes.
Can we avoid the Vietnamisation and/or radicalisation of the country and maybe the region as a whole?
Consideree comme un bienfait, voire une benediction, la vietnamisation doit etre rendue accessible a tous au sein de la Republique.