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An area that is visible from a certain vantage point, especially when considered valuable or worth preserving for aesthetic reasons.

[Probably on the model of watershed.]
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improve recreational opportunities in the marsh by restoring navigable channels and enhancing the viewshed.
In the next version of SuperGIS 3D Server, which will be released shortly, 3D Viewshed analysis will be supported.
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After five years of planning and re-planning, the City said that there was nowhere on the entire thirty-seven plus acres on which anything could be built because the property was said to be needed (1) to protect the viewshed from the adjacent freeway," (25) (2) to provide buffer zones for the surrounding properties, or (3) to provide habitat for that endangered butterfly.
FERC has asked Alaska LNG to discuss the project's "cumulative impacts on cultural resources," along with a timeline for starting consultations with public land managers "to ensure the project considers each agency's viewshed protection standards and practices as they relate to historic properties.
Viewshed analysis of Bronze Age burial mounds in western Scania, Sweden.
Using viewshed models to calculate intercepted solar radiation: Applications in ecology.
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Statistical analysis was used to compare changes in property values, in the viewshed of several windfarms and in control localities, in the United States.
within the viewshed and soundshed of major urban centers like
Using Viewshed models to calculate intercepted solar radiation: applications in ecology, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Technical Papers.
To examine the extent of availability bias and aid in determining optimal survey flight height we conducted a viewshed assessment using GIS.