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The lack of information about the effects of salinity on germination of algerian cowpea prompted us to study the salt tolerance levels of five populations (EK1, TZ7, A17, B23 and IS13) of cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.
Situated next door to La Vigna, the Italian restaurant which is another great laid back dining station, the Thai is also owned by the La Vigna family, under the excellent stewardship of cousin Panikos Argyrou.
Keywords: Vigna unguiculata, growth, water salinity
Cowpeas (the legume species Vigna unguiculata) native to South Asia are known for their diverse distribution and range of adoption from the humid sub-tropical to warmed cool temperate climate.
The Asian Vigna (Vigna subgenus Ceratotropis) biodiversity and evolution.
Una fuente alternativa de proteinas para la alimentacion de cerdos podria residir en los granos de los porotos del genero Vigna, entre los cuales existe en la zona el caupi (Vigna unguiculata), que posee las caracteristicas ideales para reemplazar parcialmente la soja en la dieta de cerdos y aves (7).
RED Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Vigna Corvino 2013, Italy (PS7.
Paulaner HP USA also represents 3 italian vineyards: San Felice, Monfalleto, Vigna Dogarina; and Germany's Binderer Rheinhessen Vineyard.
mother, Maria Daniela Vigna, read a letter written by a Palestinian history