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(Placename) the Finnish name for Vyborg


(ˈvi bɔrg)

a seaport in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, on the Gulf of Finland. 79,000. Finnish, Viipuri.
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44) Located on the Gulf of Finland, Viipuri was the southern anchor of the Rear (the third and final) Line.
El elemento fundamental y caracteristico de Viipuri es el techo acustico ondulado de la sala de conferencias (AA.
described the distribution of Corded Ware in the research area, and drew its northern limit running from Viipuri in Karelian Isthmus via Tampere in central Finland to Kokkola in Ostrobothnia (Fig.
A building that illustrates the transition between the 2 styles is the library in the town of Viipuri (today's Vyborg in Russia), built in 1927-1935.
As one of those involved in the 15-year campaign and project to restore the Alvar Aalto's City Viipuri Library in Vybor, Russia, it is salutary to reveal that a major allocation of 6.
Alvar Aalto suprojektavo puikia detale--stiklinius stoglangius, sujungiancius dienini ir naktini pastato apsvietimus Viipuri (Vyborgo) bibliotekoje 1935 m.
The time period covered could be the 1930s, since people travel to Viipuri, lost to the USSR in World War II.
Born in Viipuri (Vyborg), Karelia, Finland, and brought up in a multicultural background in Russia, Sesemann studied philosophy at the University of St.
Italia ha sido, ademas, el escenario en el que se han celebrado congresos internacionales sobre la restauracion de obras clave del movimiento moderno que habian provocado gran interes y polemica, como la Biblioteca de Viipuri (1927-1935) de Alvar Aalto (Dezzi, 1998; Kravchenko, 1997).
La obra de Aalto se encuentra fundamentalmente en el interior de su pais, Finlandia, aunque posee alcance internacional; destaca la Biblioteca de Viipuri (1935) (36) que fue y continua siendo un edificio insustituible, mitico (ver Figura 4).
It is a nation tenacious of the independence it secured from Russia in 1917, which had to fend off the Red Army twice during World War II (eventually losing much of its territory to Soviet Russia in the process, together with Aalto's early masterpiece, the library at Viipuri, now Vyborg).