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A river of eastern Russia flowing about 2,450 km (1,520 mi) eastward to the Lena River.
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Among the best, the following structural units are also named: the training center, the Yakutniproalmaz institute, the Mirninsky highway department, the diamond sorting center and the Vilyui geological exploration expedition.
Fauna of fish and invertebrates from the basin of the Vilyui River].
Koshevnikov, consecutiva a una encefalitis transmitida por garrapatas, fue descubierta por este autor en 1894 y solo se ha visto en la ribera del rio Vilyui en Siberia.
The activity is concentrated almost entirely in the north part of Sakhalin and the basin of the Vilyui River in Yakutia.
In February, a selection of the population for employment was conducted in the Vilyui group of uluses.
He also touched upon the implementation of the project for the introduction of KAWASAKI gas turbine units in the Vilyui district.
Law enforcement authorities are instructed to intensify raid and preventive measures in the districts of the river, central, southern and Vilyui to identify illegal carriers of passengers.
In the Vilyui group of uluses for the year 2017, 1425 private housing facilities are connected to electric heating.
In the western economic zone (Lenskiy, Mirninsky, Olekminsky, Vilyui, Verkhnevilyuysky, Nyurbinsky and Suntarskiy municipal districts), leadership in the Suntar region, where the growth was 7.
In the Vilyui Ulus II Republican professional competition "Teacher - the profession of men" was held, dedicated to the People's Teacher of the USSR MA.