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a.1.Of or pertaining to Saint Vincent de Paul, or founded by him.
n.1.(R. C. Ch.) Same as Lazarist.
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The Vincentians were 4-0 up by half time of the Group Four Caribbean Zone clash at the Estadio Juan Ramon Loubriel in Puerto Rico.
The Vincentians, formally the Congregation of the Mission, was founded by St.
Tourist, visitors and Vincentians often have to get connecting flights to E.
Vincentians with dreams of developing their own businesses can now apply for government grants covering the cost of business incubation and training services.
The single sheet was found in an unmarked box and Fr Leonard left everything to his religious order, the Vincentians.
At a meeting of the Vincentian community in Rome, Italy, Pope John Paul II (1986) urged Vincentians to recommit their lives and institutions to seek out the causes of poverty and develop both short- and long-term solutions.
Those receiving the award must be active or inactive Vincentians who have demonstrated by word and deed the mission of the St.
In the different Homes attached to the Divine Retreat Centre, the Vincentians share their love and resources with more than 3,000 permanent residents.
It also details the complexity of the relations the CICM missionaries maintained, not only among themselves, but also with Propaganda Fide, French Vincentians, native priests, Chinese authorities, and French representatives in charge of the protection of Catholic missionaries.
The Vincentians, a religious community established by the namesake of the university, St.
There was a significant contrast in the way the Vincentians and members of the Protestant Charity Organization Society (COS) approached poverty.