Vindhya Range

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Vin·dhya Range

A chain of hills in central India extending east-northeast for about 965 km (600 mi) and rising to approximately 915 m (3,000 ft).

Vindhya Range


Vindhya Mountains

(Placename) a mountain range in central India: separates the Ganges basin from the Deccan, marking the limits of northern and peninsular India. Greatest height: 1113 m (3651 ft)
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The Baghela Rajas and Buddhism in the Vindhya Hills.
Betraying a sense of uncertainty about what sort of Buddhism was actually being followed in the Vindhya Hills, Taranatha enumerates the people whom he says were present at the gathering without apparently considering the problems inherent in the potentially volatile mixture of religious figures.
After entering the national park, we stopped to admire a good view of the Vindhya Hills with the imposing Bandhavgarh Fort rising from a steep rocky crag.