Vine weevil

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(Zool.) See Vine borer (a) above, and Wound gall, under Wound.

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Treat any vine weevil infection with nematodes - this treatment works most effectively while the soil is still warm.
TREAT vine weevil infection with nematodes - this works most effectively while the soil is still warm.
VINE WEEVIL These beetles can devastate your pot plants and strawberries.
Have a look through the remaining compost to check for troublesome grubs as vine weevil grubs can be devastating to bedding plants.
If bites have been made along the margins of leaves, a likely suspect is the black vine weevil, which traveled from Europe more than 100 years ago.
The fact that it still has healthy foliage means that vine weevil isn't the culprit.
Empty the containers of last year's compost and spread it thinly over soil or lawn so that any vine weevil larvae can be eaten by birds.
More serious is the damage caused by vine weevil larvae, fat white grubs which develop in the compost and feed on the roots, eventually causing the death of the plant.
A The grubs were probably vine weevil beetle larvae.
Nurseries in the Pacific Northwest struggle to control the black vine weevil and other root-eating insects.
VINE WEEVIL These beetles can prove devastating to plants, particularly those in pots, but also among strawberry plants.
Each different kind of nematode have their own specific prey species and chemical giants BASF, who breed trillions of them for their Nemasys range, now have products that will treat many common soil-dwelling pests, including vine weevil, chafer grubs, slugs, leatherjackets and ant nests.