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A coastal region of northeast North America visited by Norse voyagers as early as c. 1000. Probably located somewhere between Newfoundland and Rhode Island, Vinland was named for the grapes growing plentifully in the area.


(ˈvɪnlənd) or


(Placename) the stretch of the E coast of North America visited by Leif Ericson and other Vikings from about 1000 ad


(ˈvɪn lənd)

a region in E North America variously identified as a place between Newfoundland and Virginia: visited and described by Norsemen ab. A.D. 1000.
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DOF Subsea Canada celebrated the arrival of the new build vessel Skandi Vinland, by holding a welcome ceremony.
Popular sources for replacement parts are McFarlane Aviation in Vinland Valley, Kansas, and Air Parts of Lock Haven in Pennsylvania.
We don't have, 'This is the Vinland way of doing groups.
Falk examines an incident in the Icelandic Red Eric's Saga in which Freydis, the daughter of Eric the Red, frightens off a band of attacking natives in Vinland by baring her breast and slapping it with the flat of a sword.
I'm interested in the Vikings-- Greenland, Vinland, and the north Atlantic empire.
Berth occupancy was 55% at the port on Thursday where a total six ships namely Maersk Senang, UASC Alkhor, Ikan Parang, Stolt Vinland, Argent Gerbera and Royal Aqua are currently occupying berths to load/ offload Containers, Cement, S, Coil, Chemical and Edible Oil.
9) Los vikingos la habrian buscado, y en una saga del ano 1260, escrita por Erik el Rojo, se narra que estos exploradores, tras llegar a las costas de Vinland, tierra abundante en pastos y bosques, salmones y vinedos silvestres, habrian intentado establecer algunas colonias sin poder lograrlo.
His contemporaries included well-known early barren lands trappers and adventurers such as John Hornby, who is most famous for starving to death on the Thelon River, and Helge Ingstad, who gained public fame by co-discovering the Viking ruins at Vinland, Newfoundland, in 1960 (Ingstad and Ingstad, 1991).
Es decir, los ciudadanos no neofeudalistas y no pertenecientes a la nacion etnica fraccionaria que dicen representar, a pesar de ser tan ciudadanos de la nacion politica a la que pertenecen como ellos, son considerados diferentes, invasores e incluso inferiores (explicito es en el caso de los separatistas blancos anglosajones en el Reino Unido o en los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica, sobre todo los autodenominados nacionalistas blancos que buscan crear la llamada Vinland, la tierra de Norteamerica que supuestamente pisaron los vikingos en la Edad Media; tambien se podria citar el intento neofeudalista de crear una nacion etnicamente negra en el sur de los Estados Unidos por parte de la Nacion del Islam).
The expansion was designed so the residential beds could be more flexible, says Mary Roehl, executive director at Vinland.
wrote me, 5/20/2005: "I consider your hypothesis [that early eleventh century TB in Upper Midwest came from Vinland Norse] scientifically valid and supremely eligible for testing when the appropriate technology becomes available".