Vintage time

the time of gathering grapes and making wine.
- Milton.

See also: Vintage

References in classic literature ?
It was vintage time in the valleys on the Swiss side of the Pass of the Great Saint Bernard, and along the banks of the Lake of Geneva.
It was a vintage time for local acts such as Jealous Of The Birds, R51 and Susie Blue who excelled at both events.
IT WAS a vintage time for television and a vintage time for cars.
Characters & Novelty Clocks & Watches: Identifications & Values" is a collector's companion for those who take pride in collecting these vintage time pieces that have been released over the past one hundred years.
IC SAYS: His misfortune was that he played at a vintage time for English football.
THERE can't be a festival meeting anywhere in the world that has been so dominated by one trainer over the years, and it is hard to see any reason why Dermot Weld won't have another vintage time at Galway this week.
The past 12 months (to 30 April 2003) have not been a vintage time for equity investors.
It will be a real vintage time for car buyers as the world's manufacturers fight for a share of a market that is fed by modern factories with problems of over capacity.
The dancers were superb (it was even a vintage time for megastars), and the repertoires they danced appeared rich and varied.
2 Wayward Lad (Michael Dickinson) In a vintage time for chasers, most of them trained by Dickinson, he won just about every decent chase in the calendar bar the Gold Cup though even in that race he turned in two fine runs when he was third to Bregawn and second to Dawn Run.
The 1984 and 1990 Grand Slams under the respective coaches are never to be forgotten memories from a vintage time in Scottish rugby.
Given the last-minute confusion likely to be triggered by the British Airways crisis, however, this could be a vintage time for independent travellers who put their own packages together.
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