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Noun1.Viperidae - Old World vipersViperidae - Old World vipers      
reptile family - a family of reptiles
viper - venomous Old World snakes characterized by hollow venom-conducting fangs in the upper jaw
genus Vipera, Vipera - type genus of the Viperidae
Bitis, genus Bitis - a genus of Viperidae
Aspis, genus Aspis, genus Cerastes - horned vipers
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They are more copious in the venom of crotalids elapids and viperids therefore present study was designed to neutralize ALPases present in cobra venom via medicinal plants extracts as a step towards scientifically validating their efficiencies as an antidote (Rodrigues et al.
is a mystery, but it is possible that nocturnal predation on this species in pitfall traps by large colubrids or viperids, or perhaps other mammals explains the low numbers of this cricetid mouse.
Rats (Rodentia), cats (Felidae), monkeys (Primates), goats (Bovidae), chickens (Galliformes), and rarely some snakes act as intermediate hosts, while snakes (boids, elapids, viperids, and crotalids) serve as the final hosts (Reid and Jones, 1963; Pare, 2008).